Let's Talk About Wholesale Real Estate Letters

So many questions are running around your mind, because wholesale real estate letters can really get expensive, if you let it get out of control. And that's very typical of most of us when we are new to wholesaling.

Mailing letters to owners of properties you feel would lead to a wholesale deal, how often and how many aren't typically the first thing you think of, or should think of.

What you write in your wholesale real estate letters or postcards is just as important.

(If you are not familiar with how wholesale real estate works, you can get the nutshell version here.)

Using The Best Wholesale Real Estate Letter Template

Of all the wholesale real estate letters I have sent out, I get the best results with something simple like this example.

The best wholesale real estate letter template probably won't get read unless you get it in the hands of the right recipient. Blindly sending hundreds of letters each week and hoping the phone will ring just isn't going to happen.

There are plenty of good examples of wholesale real estate letters online to copy. And each template will appeal to a different area and situation. 

I have found that simple, handwritten letters that are short and sincere get more response than other methods I have tried. Writing with sincerity is the key here, it will show through the ink. It may take a bit longer to handwrite your direct mail wholesale letters for real estate, but the returns will be worth your time.

Think about all the mail you get, and what prompts you to open one and discard another. 

I have also found that using the invitation size envelope gets more opened than using the standard business size envelope. It peaks a curiosity, and once it's opened they read it.

To Use A Mailing Service, Or Not?

I have been approached by many mailing services, and I do believe they have a good product to offer. Some are better than others by offering more customization such as yellow lined paper and handwriting script fonts. But who are you kidding, they still look like direct mail solicitations. 

The reason I choose to write my own letters is that I am very picky to whom I send them to. I have not seen great results from a large mailing list, and I like to hand pick the homes and areas where I want to make offers. I write to generate calls, and the calls I generally do convert to offers.

It appears to take more time than just buying a list and ordering a direct mail launch, but I spend less, and get a much higher rate of return on my time.

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