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What is micro flipping houses? 

Are you asking, What is micro flipping houses? 
Hint: No, it's not just for tiny houses, any real estate that can be sold can be micro flipped. it's just a term for a house "flip" that takes less time and way less effort.

So then, welcome to the new buzzword for speed-dial-wholesaling real estate. Let's get right into how you will make money with real estate using the micro flipping houses idea.

How does micro flipping houses compare to wholesaling real estate?

What is micro flipping houses? No, it's not about the tiny house, it's about the speed at which you can turn a wholesale deal.

Typically, the longer you stay in a real estate wholesaling deal, the more opportunity you have to make a greater profit. That's because you'll have the chance to market your wholesale deal longer, having more investors bid on it.

Micro flipping houses is effective when you have several wholesaling deals coming in, so you make up the lower profits by flipping more contracts. Think volume. 

Both micro flipping houses and your standard real estate wholesaling method can be offered to anyone who is legally qualified to purchase real estate; investor or end homeowner alike. 

You'll never have an issue selling real estate, there is a buyer for every house in every city in every state. What is micro flipping houses to wholesale or retail? It's a time factor, with a fast turn of the contract.

The potential profits for micro flipping can be greater overall

You'll want to pencil out your potential profits by comparing the deal you have in hand with the way you normally flip a contract or option to buy.

For example:

If you have an assignable contract to buy a rental type residential house for $80k, and the ARV (after repaired value) is $110k, you can spin it out to your buyer's list for maybe $95k and ask for their highest and best offer with a two week's deadline to make any offers, which gives them a chance to inspect the property, and you will get offers lower than your asking price.

Or you can spin it out to the same buyer's list at $90k and accept the first cash offer immediately, without any inspection time. 

Sure, your flipping fee will probably be less with the micro flipping strategy, but you'll get immediate cash and not have to wait for a formal closing to get paid (which could be months down the time line). Plus, you can do more deals in the time it takes to do one standard wholesale real estate deal.

If numbers aren't your strong suit, here's a free wholesaling arv calculator on REI/kit. Try it out, you'll see how easy it is to use. Being able to look at a contract and make a decision to turn your option contract fast, or hold on to it for more profits is money in the bank.

What is micro flipping houses marketing like?

Good question, it's f-a-s-t.

A real estate wholesaler intending to micro flip properties can spin the deal out to his buyers list and sign over the contract, the same day. The convenience of online document signing services like DocuSign enables transactions to happen very quickly.

After you have a valid option to purchase (with rights to assign another buyer) in hand, the rest of the deal can be done virtually online. Even from another state.

You can market the property in any way that you would market a traditional property:

  • Online advertising like Craigslist
  • Facebook ads
  • Bandit signs (if allowed in the city)
  • Email campaigns to your interested buyers -- or better, use SMS (text messaging)

And once you start going you'll never want to do wholesaling any other way. When your friends ask, what is micro flipping houses? You'll be able to say it's your retirement funds ;-)

The easiest way to manage your lists 

Many wholesalers manage their own buyers and sellers lists, but honestly, your time could be better put to use with the tasks that make you more money.  

It's true that you'll make more money with real estate while feeling less stressful by applying yourself to only the things that cannot be outsourced. Everything else can be done by someone else, or possibly automated. 

Having tight control over every little detail can wear you out, I know that because I'm a bit like that, too. The fact is you'll never get it all done. REI/kit can do it ALL for you, and maybe even do it better. No offense here, but these guys are pros. 

What is micro flipping houses without a team behind you?

You can have the REI/kit team doing all the tasks  you don't have time for or just don't enjoy. Your business will have the oxygen to grow even better than you imagined. I know this because I am one of those people who just have to micro manage everything. But once I learned to let go (ok, just a bit at first), it makes so much more sense to be the CEO of a successful real estate business than a one-person performance.

Seriously, try a 14 day FREE trial of REI/kit and you'll never look back or go back to the old way of doing things. Micro flipping houses is just the start of something really big for you. You and I both know it.

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