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How to get more leads in under 15 min per day

We're going to cover how to get more leads, and also how to squeeze more referrals from your very satisfied leads. If you don't have any leads yet, don't stress. You'll soon know the ins and outs of how to get more leads.

Smile, you got this!

A new research survey taken by in-the-know influencers, (get the published survey study here) reveals how to get more leads, get more quality deals, and have motivated sellers calling you.

No surprise here, the survey tells that the number one strategy for generating real estate leads was to be more personal. Social media comes to mind.

This chart revealing how to get more leads is shared with permission from the most current study taken by ascend2 (dot)com

Finding leads for real estate is easier than most people make it out to be.

Simple tasks that you already do every day can be put to double use, generating motivated sellers at the same time. Think social media like Facebook.

If Social Media isn't your thing, that's ok. There's lots more on how to get more leads without going broke.

How to find leads
(better yet, How to have leads find you)

People like to do business with people like themselves. Strike up a common chord with your prospects and be amazed at how many people will gravitate towards you.

Most likely you have shared common traits such as;

  • About the same age or gender
  • Share a common interest or hobby
  • Have traveled or visited the same places
  • Maybe you have an acquaintance n common?

It's a proven fact that getting to know your prospects in a more personal way speaks volumes, and you will make more money with real estate when you tune in to their likes and even dislikes. Social media is proof of the 'birds of a feather' saying.

When you tailor any online advertising to a specific group of people, and write your ads, even Craigslist free ads to "speak" to that person you are targeting. the results will be in the deals you'll attract. Zone in on the target.

When I was a Real Estate agent in Orange County, there was a very successful woman in my office dubbed 'The Salt Lady". 

This was back before the internet took over our lives, and it's an important and very relevant lesson for us  today -- one strategy that can easily be duplicated. 

The Salt Lady would visit her farm (the territory/neighborhood that a realtor would "farm" for leads) every week.

She would walk door to door leaving individual salt containers at each door, handing them to the homeowners she was fortunate enough to catch at home, and leave them as a gift for those who weren't (picture Santa in a skirt).

Salt was her unique business card. Everything was branded to her Salt Lady marketing, even her blue Mercedes which donned a personalized license plate reading, 'TheSaltLdy'.

The Salt Lady had a local printing company make slip-over label printed with her name and contact info right on the outside. When a homeowner placed it on the dining table, everyone was reminded of the Salt Lady and her kindness to the neighborhood.

So when it was time to sell or buy another house, who was in the forefront of everyone's mind? 

I've seen this done with notepads, giveaway pens, etc., but it just doesn't have the same impact or creative touch that the Salt Lady radiated. However, direct mail marketing works, especially today. Read more using direct marketing for sending real estate letters here.

Get more leads by taking good care of existing contacts

Improving engagement was a very close runner-up. This can be addressed by how you follow up with the leads you generate. If you are just starting out, or have exhausted all your previous leads this is still pertinent. Your actions speak loudly, and you never know who is paying attention.

And then coming in third was improving contact management. What system do you use to keep up with your leads?

An essential tool for every investor and real estate wholesaler is a good, easy to use CRM (Contact/Customer Relationship Management). I have used Hubspot  in the past, but now I prefer to use Pipedrive CRM because it's more intuitive.

Proven research on how to get more leads that are motivated

Back to the survey, improving engagement was a very close runner-up. That's not much of a surprise, either. People like to be thought of, considered and involved in most decision making. 

A whopping 48% who focused on improving their marketing methods as outlined in the study, becoming more personal and engaging, increased their earnings by 56%. They performed simple marketing tests, kinda like before and after. It's how to get more leads and make 'em stick.

Keeping in touch and following up are two of the most dreaded tasks. And if you procrastinate like most of us, having a dependable CRM makes your follow-ups foolproof. Really, I'd be totally lost with it.

Not all of us are data geeks, and that's why the CRM I choose to use is dependable, and has the ability to form picture graphs. It's great if you are a visual learner like me.

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