How To Find Investment Property

(And have fun while searching)

Few people know how to find investment property, and waste lot of time trying when actually it's a simple and an enjoyable task.

We like to take Sunday drives, and if I'm not behind the wheel, I am always on the look out for For Sale By Owner signs. If I spot one, and appears someone is home, we'll stop and ask about it. You will find that the typical FSBO. has their property all staged and ready to show it off. Unless it's vacant.

How Can You See a FSBO That's Vacant?

My first rental property in South Carolina.

That was the case with the first rental property I purchased, when I moved to a new state and longed to start investing nearby. During one of our Sunday drives, I spotted the FSBO sign, and called right away.

The house was vacant, and Donna, the daughter, met me at the property in about 10 min. She told me that this house had been her Dad's home for many years, and he had recently moved in with her and her family. I liked what I saw, made her an offer to buy, and we closed in 30 days.

Where To Find Rental Properties For Sale

I have spoken with new investors who aren't sure how to find investment property to buy, like David. David and I sat down and penciled out some thoughts and soon he was adding ideas of his own. Some of the quick ways we came up with were:

  1. Searching the tax assessor's records to find non-owner occupied properties can be fruitful. 
  2. Browsing for rent notices online, and contacting the owners to see if they are ready to sell. You'd be surprised .
  3. Dave was looking for turn-key properties, but I suggested that he contact a couple Wholesalers for a fixer-upper anyway. He could always hire out the repairs.
  4. We both belong to the local REIA, and that's a great place to meet other investors, some who may want to off load a few properties.
  5. The mail carrier (one of my favorite lead generators). The mail carrier typically is the first to know when a property might be up for sale, or is looking a bit shaggy and in need of a new owner. I call it my first-person how to find investment property method.

How To Find Investment Property -- Online

Besides Craigslist, if you are looking for turn-key properties for sale there are several reputable companies, like Roofstock, where people can buy and sell their investment properties. In fact, I have a deal going with them right now. When it closes, I'll write a review . Opendoor is another options, although they are newer and don't offer as many areas that interest me at this time. But they are growing.

The nice thing about using an online buying service is that they already have tenants in, so they are truly turn-key, if that's what your game plan is. You might pay a bit more upfront, but you won't need to do any repairs right away, or go through the process of finding a good tenant.

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