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Free Lead Generation Real Estate Ideas That Are Absolutely Brilliant

When you unleash these free lead generation real estate ideas into your business plan, nothing can stop you from getting more deals signed. Your competition will be perfectly envious.

Abundantly free leads you can generate now

Linda is laughing at how ridiculously easy it is to get lots of free lead generation for her real estate business.

You can feel your competitors calling those stale for sale by owner listings from Zillow. That's so overdone, you run the risk of annoying any motivated sellers.

What is much better is for you to show up for those open houses the FSBOs (for sale by owners) advertise, and simply talk to them, get to know what really motivates them to want to sell. Listen, listen and listen some more and you'll be their best friend when they do decide that going it by-owner is a real drag on their time and energy.

In between open houses, check out the landlords that are advertising their properties for rent. Every now and then (more often than you can imagine) there's a worn out landlord that would love nothing more than to have you sell their property. That's because finding a really good tenant that will stay and pay for the long term is an art. Once best left for a professional property manager. It's best to make an appointment to view the rental, and (again) listen to what they are saying in between the words. It's quite possible they don't have a Realtor they trust, or maybe it's they don't want to "stage" it for showing buyers. 

These type of landlords are ripe for proposing your lease option strategy

Impressive free leads ideas available to you online

Few others are working the probate courts. That's where you'll find a real goldmine of both real estate that needs to be liquidated to satisfy heirs, and some other surprises. This is a crackerjack free lead generation real estate idea for you. And no one else is doing it!

One time when I was working the courts in Oceanside, my business partner Daniel (who loves to read all the details of any estate) found a listing for a restored Corvette and was able to buy it outright from the executor, and he got an amazing deal. Sometimes our focus strays, but that's ok. It all works out nicely.

Many of the larger cities have the probates listed online, others you'll need to visit the courts to review the files. Either way, most wholesalers and investors are either too lazy to make the short trip downtown, or haven't a clue (and that's good for you).

Advertise yourself - be your own billboard - free lead generation real estate 

When you think about all the people you see everyday, doing everyday things like grocery shopping or standing in line at the Post Office... do you know what any of them do? And certainly you can't read their minds, and it could be very likely those individuals are looking for someone just like you. 

Really free lead generation real estate, can be this clever. Yes, you'll need to spend a few bucks here, since you'll be buying the wardrobe, but heck, everyone loves new clothes.

Get some nice collared shirts printed with your business name, and be sure you have he back printed, too. Few people like to stare at your chest, but they will take the time to read your business on the back of your shirt. Just be ready with business cards for when you are approached by those motivated homeowners and well-meaning friends.

Years ago, when I still had my vending company, I had magnetic signs made and everywhere I drove in that vending van I was advertising my real estate business. Free leads generated for your real estate could come from your own vehicle or you could pay a finder's fee by placing your signs on vehicles driven by others. 

Convert more motivated sellers - more ideas for real estate leads

It may seem like not so much on the surface, but these simple ideas are golden. And no one else is using them, so you will be a step ahead.

All you need to do to get more free leads is to choose one idea, and take it to the max. Procrastinators are always looking for one more idea before they get moving. Why wait when you can start right now implementing one, two or all of these free lead generation ideas for real estate.

These tips are easy to put into action, and you won't be disappointed once you do. 

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