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Why REBuyz?

This site, REBuyz is my way of giving back to all those who have helped me along my own real estate path. The road sometimes was rocky, but knowing I had mentors to lean on smoothed out the highway considerably.

You can make a sizable income from real estate while helping others, and much of what I'll share with you doesn't require much risk and will give you plenty of time for living your life. That's how I run my business, and your own real estate ventures can be simple while genuinely profitable, too.

Get To Know Me -- Betty, Founder of REBuyz LLC

Hi! I'm Betty Ziegler, an accomplished Real Estate Investor and Marketer who enjoys helping others find their own real estate success, building passive income through real estate.

Hi! How's it going? Nice to meet you, I'm Betty and the Founder of REuyz.

Why Did I Choose Real Estate?

Or did real estate choose me?

I think it's in my DNA. My father bought foreclosures before it was fashionable, and even as a young girl I helped the family fix them up. 

Now, all grown up, I have over 35 years of varied real estate experience, from property title searching to residential loan packaging, I offer an intimate knowledge of how to close a deal quickly, with the optimal outcome for all parties. It's my passion.

It was in 1976 that I purchased my first home (I traded a second trust deed note for it!), then just six months later, I marketed the home and it sold for twice what I paid. Real estate was hot, and I quickly developed a healthy passion for making money with real estate.

Not al the years have been so profitable, but I've learned you can make money with real estate in any situation and economy.

A Few Brief Real Estate Highlights 

  • Obtained a California Realtors license.
  • Become a landlord many times over. (yea! passive income!)
  • Bought, sold and created notes.
  • I am knowledgeable about owner financing opportunities. 
  • And I am very passionate about wholesaling real estate!

As a long time member of several REIA (Real Estate Investor's Association) groups in several states, I have helped many beginner real estate investors see clearly how to find their own niche in this diverse business.

So there you have it, nice and brief - but packed with wisdom and know how  :-)

Get in touch, let's have that conversation. . .

Connect with me on LinkedIn here.
RE Buyz is on Facebook, you can connect with me here, I'd love to get to know what's important for you.

Most days I'm working on Real Estate deals, but when I take a break I enjoy hiking, traveling to see new areas, and I love to cook.

Wooded trails are some of my favorite hikes.
In 2 years, I covered most of the highways in the USA and found many great cities to invest in where making money with real estate is abundant.
Here I am in Tuscany, Italy with my Dear Husband cooking up delicious Tiramisu with friends.